About Diana Conti

Diana Conti was born and raised in Eastern Europe. As a kid, she showed an interest in classical music, photography, and science. She has a soprano voice and used to sing the children's parts at the Opera House in her home country. Later, she went onto studying in a specialized high school with concentration in chemistry. Diana graduated from a nursing school and began her career as a general duty nurse in Eastern Europe and then in Northern Africa. After relocating to the USA she instantly developed an interest in cardiology and specifically heart rhythm abnormalities and treatments. Diana pursued her interest in this field first in Chicago (IL) working at a cardiac device clinic where she was involved in the follow-up of cardiac device patients.

Cardiac devices became her passion and she then developed a non-profit educational website PacerICD.com. She pursued this passion even further in the form of a specialty training by attending and graduating from the Arrhythmia Technologies Institute (ATI) in Greenville (SC). While studying at ATI, she was hired by Guidant (now Boston Scientific) and relocated to the New York/New Jersey area where she developed into an implant and follow-up expert on implantable cardiac devices. A few years after that she was hired by Biotronik and relocated to Austin (TX) where she permanently resides.

Later on, Diana took on an international challenge and relocated to Sydney, Australia in the role of corporate cardiac rhythm management trainer and educator in Biotronik's Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) region. While implementing her knowledge on the international arena, she came up with the idea of her blog for industry professionals pacericd.tumblr.com where she writes about current issues in the industry and provides her opinion and advise to her fellow colleagues. While working in the ANZ region, Diana quickly morphed into a hybrid product expert / trainer / educator / patient advocate and traveled across Australia educating industry employees, physicians, nursing staff, technicians and allied professionals, as well as patients and their families on cardiac rhythm management products, living with an implantable cardiac device, prevention of sudden cardiac death and follow-up of cardiac devices. While there, she realized her educational website pacericd.com had become one of the biggest sources worldwide for education and preparation for the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners (IBHRE) exam based on the feedback and the appraisal she received while traveling the area.


The development of new technologies and the lack of specialized hospital & physician office personnel in the follow up of cardiac devices led to the development of RemoteFollowUp.com - an idea Diana has had for a while. It was her conviction that early detection and management of cardiac arrhythmias is crucial for the patient's outcome. Remote monitoring is the single most important tool for early diagnostics and recent studies have shown 50% reduction in all cause mortality in patients who's implantable cardiac devices were monitored remotely in addition to in-office visits. Studies have also shown that remote monitoring is as effective as an in-office visit and provides simplicity of care especially in the heart failure patients who have  significant comorbidities, while providing a peace of mind for patients and their families. The flexibility and simplicity of remote monitoring allows patients to go freely about their lives while being monitored 24/7 from any part of the world. The reliability of remote monitoring has proven to saving and extending lives by providing fast vital information needed in the treatment decision making without wasting valuable time.

Diana strives for the outmost quality and safety in her work and she prides herself in her outstanding work ethic and integrity. In her free time she enjoys the company of her English bulldog Rocco as well as reading, photo & video editing, and learning new things.

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