About Diana Conti

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe. As a child, I showed interest in classical music, photography, and science. I have a soprano voice and used to sing the children's parts at the National Opera House in my home country. My interest in technology led me to study in a specialized high school with concentration in chemistry. After graduating from nursing school, I began my career as a general duty nurse in Eastern Europe and then in Northern Africa. After relocating to the USA, I instantly developed interest in cardiology and specifically heart rhythm abnormalities and treatments. I pursued my interest in this field first in Illinois working at a cardiac device clinic, where I was involved in the follow-up of cardiac device patients. My passion for cardiac devices prompted my move to the Medical Devices industry working in New Jersey, New York and Texas areas, as well as internationally in Australia and New Zealand. I pride myself for having lived and worked on 4 continents: Europe, Africa, North America and Australia. * I'm currently employed by a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company as a Corporate Trainer in the Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine field.


My passions:

  • Medical Devices industry: I love the technology, the competitiveness, the interactions with customers and patients. There's no better feeling than the satisfaction of helping another human being and especially witnessing how a small device can significantly improve their quality of life.

  • Technology: we are surrounded by it everywhere. I fearlessly implement technology in my daily life and am always seeking to improve my productivity and performance by utilizing the latest technologies.

  • Education & Training: being successful at work is directly related to good education and training. Having been trained by some of the best in the industry, I feel very passionate about training others and helping them achieve the quality professionalism and performance we all aspire to.

  • Reference: the secret to delivering quality is your ability to be proactive and resourceful, and find the information you need rather than wait for someone else to feed it to you. I accomplish this by maintaining a very sophisticated personal digital medical library with well over 1000 titles.

  • Creativity: having high computer skills proficiency is essential for improving performance and time management, as well as  maintaining compliance. I achieve it by utilizing advanced software such as Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Camtasia Studio Suite, Adobe Captivate and Moodle eLearning platforms, data recovery and encryption, as well as developing sophisticated hardware and peripherals management skills, just to name a few.

  • Problem solving and troubleshooting: the ability to investigate and resolve problems elevates one's skills to another level. I accomplish that by studying the fundamentals, as well as practicing with and maintaining records of troubleshooting issues.



My professional commitments:

  • To my employers: loyalty, confidentiality, dedication & excellence in performance.

  • To my customers and patients: excellence in service, honesty & transparency.


My personal code of conduct:

  • Professional Integrity: consistently and willingly practice within the guidelines of the company's mission, as well as adopt and apply the knowledge, skills, and values of my profession.

  • Work ethic: honesty, truthfulness and accuracy in my actions; quality of my work, professionalism and discipline; sense of teamwork and responsibility; reliability and dedication.

  • Social relations at work: avoid contacts & relationships that can jeopardize one's integrity.

  • Social Media: never allow oneself to be triggered by it as one's impulsive and emotionally-charged comments can destroy one's professional career or personal life.

  • Politics: there's no place for it at work, or while with customers and patients.



I strive for the outmost quality and safety in my work and pride myself in my outstanding work ethic and integrity. In my free time I enjoy the company of my English bulldog Rocco as well as reading, photo editing and other digital crafts, learning new things, some golf and travel.


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