An ordinary person who is motivated, enthusiastic, who has dreams, and who works hard; who has the ability to laugh, to think, to cry; and who can give the gift of belief to other people, can accomplish anything.


If you are looking for someone very passionate and

completely dedicated to the medical devices industry,

look no further - 

Diana Conti  will definitely help you

push ahead your competitive edge


Highlights of my experience and qualifications


1) Solid industry training in Cardiac Rhythm Management

  • Arrhythmia Technologies Institute - Certificate Program in Cardiac Rhythm management; graduated in 2006.

    • 1080 hours of specialized training including: cardiac anatomy and physiology; fundamentals of pacing and defibrillation; introduction to electrophysiology; technical aspects of implantable cardiac devices; device architecture, algorithms and features; clinical aspects of cardiac device implantation and therapy, programming, and troubleshooting; remote monitoring and patient management; sales and marketing of CRM products; practical training in hospital setting (de-novo implants, generator changes, lead and pocket revisions, system upgrades and extractions) and device clinics (device management and troubleshooting).

  • Manufacturer-specific clinical, product and sales training in Cardiac Rhythm Management - USA & Germany

  • Advanced Technical Services and Train-the-Trainer programs - Germany.

    • Trained by the phenomenal Dr. Andreas Kucher in advanced troubleshooting of implantable cardiac devices.

    • Trained in the implementation of Blended training methodology  and the use of Moodle Learning Management System; development and administration of training policies, curriculums and competency exams; Leadership and compliance management.

  • IBHRE Certification in Cardiac Rhythm Management (2008)

2) Diverse international experience

  • Diana CONTI is a citizen of USA and is registered with e-Verify employment eligibility verification service

  • Corporate clinical and sales trainer

  • Senior Field Clinical Representative

  • Cardiac Device Specialist

3) Main responsibilities

  • Corporate sales and clinical training and development

  • Administration of corporate training policies and compliance

  • Administration of annual competency exams

  • Management of  training for new product launches, PMO and pilot studies

  • Management of customer training - physicians and clinicians

  • Corporate support for scientific meetings, congresses and conferences

  • Management of cardiac devices - clinics and remote monitoring

  • Implant support for de-novo implants, system upgrades, implant revisions and extractions

  • Technical support to physicians and clinicians

  • Product presentations and demonstrations

  • Technical and administrative support for clinical studies

  • Customer education for physicians and allied professionals

  • Patient education and support groups

  • Mentoring and field training of new employees

  • Promote service quality and patient safety

  • Management of hospital implantable and non-implantable inventory and equipment

  • Sales and marketing support

  • Up to 80% travel by car and air

  • On-call coverage

4) Extensive computer literacy

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Moodle Learning Management System

  • Camtasia Suite

  • Data management and recovery

  • Networking and cloud file server

  • Hardware and peripherals

  • Online platforms such as mail-merge campaigns, surveys, conferencing, publishing, social media

5) Personal strengths

  • Highly motivated and intelligent

  • Versatile and dependable

  • Enthusiastic and easy-going

  • Dedicated and loyal

  • Creative and resourceful

  • Solution-focused and problem-solving facilitator

  • Hard worker and natural leader

  • Maturity in judgment and ability to handle crises

  • Continuously promote personal growth

6) Integrity  principles

  1. Industry - the key to success is solid business relationships with positive attitude

  2. Fundamentals - when you can't see the choices you don't understand

  3. Cure - lies in the source of every illness

  4. Challenge - the ice on the lake of motion

  5. Achievement - related to standing out, not fitting in

  6. Luck - when good preparation meets opportunity

  7. Failure - a composition from which success is grown

  8. Success - the distance between insanity and genius

  9. History - remembers most what you did last

  10. Truth - denying it doesn't change the facts

7) Personal interests

  • Photo and video editing

  • Technical and scientific literature

  • Classical music and performing arts

  • Traveling and exploring nature

  • Maintaining a not-for-profit Cardiac Rhythm Management educational website and an industry blog

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