No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The fabric of life

It’s not true that “No good deed goes unpunished.” But some good deeds indeed are – your good deed could draw you into a sad or overwhelming situation. It’s true that most of the time the desire to help someone comes with an emotional impulse – be it a child, a friend, a co-worker, a patient, an injured person on the street. Doing good deeds is stimulating, and you develop a happy spiral in which you want to do more good deeds.  Continue reading

Rotten European Millenials

Rotten Europe

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe. I immigrated [legally] to the US when I was 28 years old. Initially I was very conflicted by the American culture as I was raised to believe that we, Europeans, were above everyone else in the world and it was perfectly normal to pass judgment on anyone who wasn’t European (or white for that matter).  Continue reading

The ugly truth about NFL’s kneeling protests

Image result for kneeling during national anthem

We all have the right to a peaceful protest – it’s in the Constitution of the United States and it’s called the First Amendment. We also have the right to chose what we like and what we dislike and in a free market society whether we like a product or not reflects directly on the bottom line of the the company that offers said product. That brings me to NFL. Continue reading

Halt AND Catch Fire

HCF – The way technology IS designed to work

I’m back in the USA, which basically means I’m back to the daily struggles with technology that is not as reliable as I want it to be. “Halt and catch fire” is an awesome TV show on AMC that I’m obsessed with, I guess the nerd in me is literally having a major mental orgasm every time I watch this show. But not too many people actually know what is HCF (halt & catch fire) – those of us who started using computers with DOS, UNIX and Windows 1.0 in the early 80s know exactly what that means, and we’ve been dreading it ever since then. Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey over SE Texas, August 2017

Have you heard the saying EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS? You don’t have to take my word for it, just come visit and see for yourself – everything really is bigger here. Most people don’t know this, but here we like big trucks, so we have special “Texas Edition” trucks and you guess it right – they’re bigger than the trucks you see out there. Our houses are bigger, our roads are bigger and wider, even our steaks are bigger – you get the picture. But most of all our hearts, spirit,  and our love for Texas are bigger too. So there was a little surprise that even hurricane Harvey would be bigger than ever before bringing destruction of epic proportions as Donald Trump characterized it. Continue reading

When you’ve been away for years …..


Away for too long .....

Away for too long …..

          Returning to the USA was both happy and sad moments at the same time. While I was in Australia I never came home for the only reason that I was limited in my finances. You see, I left too fast and didn’t have time to put my stuff in storage and rent out my house. Then my sister said that “maybe” she wanted to move to Austin so I offered her to  stay while I was gone. Well, that never happened. I was stuck paying a mortgage and all accompanying bills in Austin (electricity, water & sewer, internet, security system, auto and house insurance, property taxes, home owner association fees, mobile phone) along with my rental house in Sydney with it’s all accompanying bills (electricity, water & sewer, internet, car). As you can imagine I was stretched to the very limits and was down to the last penny every month.

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Leaving Australia

Leaving Australia is harder than I tought

Leaving Australia is harder than I thought

When I resigned few weeks ago I couldn’t have imagined that it would be so hard to leave. It’s hard to leave the job you like and I really love mine. What I didn’t realize during my time here is that I’ve forged some pretty strong bonds with some of the colleagues I had the privilege to work with. I am like a dog, I attach easily, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that other people felt the same way about me. My heart has hurt bad for the last 30 days because I hate to say good-bye. I spent all this time traveling on a farewell tour around Australia and it was hard as hell.

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Farewell Dinner

Ribs and Rumps North Ryde, NSW

Ribs and Rumps North Ryde, NSW

Tonight was my farewell dinner. I feel very uncomphortable when people organize something for me as I don’t ever expect to be the center of attention. So tonight was exciting but at the same time nerveracking. I had invited all my buddies who had already left the company and only two of them didn’t make it due to work obligations. As far as I could remember there were only two puctures taked during the dinner and none of them was on my phone (you know how much I hate photos of myself).

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Returning to America – Rocco

Rocco waiting to be picked up and transported to the aircraft

Rocco waiting to be picked up and transported to the aircraft

          In Australia Easter holiday does not mean Easter Sunday, the holiday actually starts on Good Friday and goes all the way to Easter Monday. I was looking forward to the holiday for a few reasons: I wanted to catch up on sleep; I wanted to update my blogs and websites; I wanted to spend time with Rocco, and most importantly I wanted to prepare Rocco for traveling back home to the US. I’ve made the decision that I’m going back home to Austin few months ago and the reason why is that it’s simply time to go.. My friends know that I am very tough and I can make it work everywhere, no matter what the circumstances. But this is not about that, it is about me listening to my gut (a.k.a. REASON) and doing what’s right.

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